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As a consultant in fish Industry , we have always heard restaurants that serve catfish as one of their star dishes complain to us of not having a regular and consistent catfish supplier.


The reason for this is well understood: the erratic and unpredictable cashflow on the part of an average fish farmers. This has rendered them (the fish farmers) inadequate to keep up with the pace of this all important source of protein. As a result of this, catfish market in this part of the world as at today, is rather a
complementary market than being a competetive market. This is where catfish brokerage comes in.

By experience, we discovered that while a restaurant at certain location may be languishing as to where to get catfish for the next day, there is a fish farmer at the same location looking for a buyer for his overdue farm produce. Here comes a need for a link between the two of them. And this is one of the things that Aquapro Agro Industry is out to achieve for you. Just tell us the quatity of your next farm produce and we will link you up with a restaurant around you. We may even buy it off you at a reasonable market price.

Are you happy reading this? Hit the contact us button now and let us know the quatity of catfish you can supply and for how long.

Or, are you a restaurant owner and your situation looks like the one described above, please feel free to contact us also, we will do our best to assign you a regular and consistent catfish supplier.

As an industry, we are dedicated to your staying in business.






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