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Aquaculturists are very few in number that the job openings to these special people are always lie down unfilled. The reason for this is either as a result of low awareness available to these people or limited number of qualified individuals to fill up the vacancies.


World Aquaculture Society for instance, are always in dare need of more qualified hands to fill up their all-season job openings; they often flag an opening a number of times as a result of the fact that nobody is taking up the job desspite the attractive working condition.

This is often a point of concern to us at Aquapro Agro Industry. Are you a qualified Aquaculturist looking for an intership and graduate employment in the universities abroad or holiday jobs?
Post your CV to us now, and we will match you with one you qualify for when next such openings come up.

Or Should you as a Company wish to advertise a position you have on offer, please send us a mail detailing the kind of offer you have at hand and and qualifications you require for such offer.

Post your CV to; we will get you an opening/qualified candidate more shortly than you can imagine.




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